Grey x Converse Photos

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Grey Magazine have worked closely together with Converse on their second big project. We will be receiving the Special Converse issue of Grey later this week. Alongside this special edition is the accompanying film Blend by James Cruikshank. This features Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Mike Arnold, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Jamie Platt, Ollie Lock, Dom Henry and special guest, Felipe Bartolomé. This will be online next week. On Saturday Grey had a launch night where Henry Kingsford and Lex Kembery exhibited photos from this issue and the film was premiered. Here are a handful of photos from the night shot by Maksim Kalanep

Seriously heavy turn out

Slam team riders Rob Mathieson and Neil Smith

Will Harmon browsing the photographs

James Cruikshank’s Blend screening to a full house

We look forward to receiving the mag which will be free in store and with all orders later this week. See a full gallery of photos from the night over at Grey HERE