Grey Vol 2 Issue 2

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Grey Vol. 2 Issue 2 has arrived and it’s required reading…

Grey Skate Mag Vol.2 Issue 2 with Roger Gonzales on the cover

The new Grey magazine is out! This issue features interviews with Aaron Herrington and John Cardiel. There is an UP article with new Slam City Skates team acquisition Domas Glatkauskas and a L’Étranger with Sebo Walker. It’s always a treat when new media shows up. This issue has our friend Roger Gonzales on the cover! He was featured on a double page in one of the last Grey mags ollieing over Southbank’s surrounding bar from flat. In this issue he’s dwarfing a shelf you would lean on just next door again in the heart of Southbank. This new issue is free with all online orders and will be in both of our stores soon. Add a copy to your basket from our selection of Skateboard Books & Magazines.