Greg Hunt Interview

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We are pleased to direct you towards a new Greg Hunt interview, a definitive dive into his body of work which just went live…


Greg Hunt Self Portrait

The Vans video “Propeller” came out three years ago. Just before the London premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema we were lucky enough to sit down with it’s creator Greg Hunt and discuss the process in this interview. Minimal time meant that our conversation was primarily about his recent work. Farran Golding just spent some time in a more far reaching conversation with Greg for Speedway Magazine and covered some serious ground.

They spoke about his time on Stereo on the other side of the lens, working for Transworld and experimenting with 16mm, good times with AVE, how the DC video came about, crafting Mindfield for the Workshop, Heath Kirchart, the advent of the single part, working for shoe companies vs board companies, memories of Dylan Rieder, Propeller, a new Jason Dill book project and more. You really need to take some time out of your day to read this one. Take in the Greg Hunt interview HERE. Good work Farran, keep them coming!