Go Skateboarding Day Video

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Go Skateboarding Day went off this year! Once again we teamed up with Nike SB and worked hard on cooking up something special for you. It was a serious case of the stars aligning with this one from the moment we started planning and we couldn’t be happier with how everything went down. It was incredible having P-Rod and Carlos Ribeiro fly out to visit us. Not only were we celebrating Go Skateboarding Day it was also the opening day for our new East shop and the release for the new P-Rod X. Crowds flocked to us and Paul made sure everyone received his attention. This meet and greet at our new door left hundreds of stoked kids outside. They were then shepherded to a one off pop up TF which we created for the day which was only a minute away! As you can see the hours we spent in there were hectic and fun for everyone involved. Slam team riders Casper Brooker and Neil Smith were in the mix killing it and it was worth going just to see P-Rod do every trick over the bin. If this space were permanent, winter would be a completely different beast, anyone who got to skate this temporary TF would agree. We would like to thank Nike SB for partnering with us on this one and creating an amazing memory. Most of all thanks to all of you who came out on the day, blessed our new location and got involved in the park we built for the day.

Video edit by Austin Bristow