Go Skateboarding Day 2018

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We are pleased to invite you to Go Skateboarding Day 2018, make sure you get some time off and come and join us…



Next Thursday we will be celebrating Go Skateboarding Day, as will the rest of the world, and you’re all invited. This time around we have opted for a slightly less elaborate plan, our main aim being that we all get to skate together. Join us on  Thursday 21st June at Mile End Skatepark at 5pm. We will be joined by Casper Brooker, Kyron Davis, Korahn Gayle and Neil Smith as well as guests Cyrus Bennett and Hugo Boserup and Slam team riders . These guys will be cooking up challenges, handing out prizes and getting you involved in skating some new additions. We have a good time planned for you, just show up at the park and let us take care of the rest. School will be out for the Summer so let’s kick it off in the best way possible. See you down there!