Frank Gerwer 5000 Words

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Frank and his dog Roscoe

Frank Gerwer is a funny human being and is gnarly on a skateboard, it is always a treat to see any new footage of him, skateboarding or otherwise. His name was beamed into our subconscious back in the mid nineties. Once he found his home on Antihero, his character became inseparable from the very fabric of one of our favourite skateboard companies and we were gifted regular appearances from their abundant video catalogue. Long story short, Frank Gerwer kills it and we were honoured and stoked he was down to submit these pictures for a 5000 Words…

This is what I do with my pictures when I get them back, I think they’re collages. What’s an artsy word for collage?

Top photo : “When good ideas go bad” I thought it would be a good idea to get the guy who was painting these curbs to paint my tail, like it would make it more slick or something. I was completely wrong. Photo : hotel parking lot on an Antihero trip

Bottom Photo : “Raney does doubles with Raney” Photo : LA Backyard Pool or Arizona, I could be wrong, but maybe New Mexico too. I’m almost positive it was New York.

“Camping Antihero”
I’m pretty sure I don’t know who that is camping there, but it was on an Antihero trip. I kinda like that tree. Photo from the top of the van.

“Adult Disneyland”
This is the calm before you get in the storm. I have a bunch of stories from after this, but none of them are appropriate for the internet. Amsterdam, Holland.

“Slash and Nuge”
This was gonna be the cover of our first album, but then they kicked me out of the band. PS I like trains.

“Tony and Grant, doubles at different times”
That’s in Germany, pretty sure. The u-pipe was built sometime in the 70s, rumour has it someone died skating it, so we cleared the rocks off and skated it again.