Fourstar Summer 14

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Fourstar New Number 04 Crew

We just received new clothing from Fourstar. As always these have classic timeless stylings. There is an Athletic Zip Hood in grey with a logo on the chest and a back print. There is a Number 04 Crew, this grey crew neck sweat has an No 04 print screened on the front in blue. We have a black Old E Longsleeve shirt. This has an 04 print on the chest and the prints which appear on one of the arms are, LA, OAK, NYC and SF, four places of significance for the team riders/founders…

Fourstar Old E Longsleeve T-Shirt

These destinations feature in the print on the Sig Circle Pocket T-Shirt which comes in charcoal heather. Branding appears around a formation of triangles both on the pocket and on the back of the shirt. The Circle Foam Wash T-shirt is slim fit, it has a circular logo. Fourstar since 1996 is written on the surround with the street pirate skull and crossbones appearing in the middle. This logo is on the breast and as a back print, the shirt comes in Cyan or Grey.

Fourstar 96 Circle Foam Wash T-Shirt

All our Fourstar goods are available here. This drop of clothing coincided with a Fourstar Anthology video which came out today. Look out for footage of Slam team riders Andrew Brophy and Nick Jensen, enjoy seeing Gonz at the Meanwhile gap named after him and much more…