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Check out this new edit from Footprint. It features Footprint representatives Felipe Gustavo, Paul Hart, Joey Brezinski, Vincent Alvarez, Guy Mariano, Pierce Brunner, Chris Brunner, Enrique Lorenzo, Alex Mizurov, Dane Burman, Kevin Romar, Jaws and Terry Kennedy. These are the three Footprint insoles we are currently stocking…

Footprint King Foam insoles are designed to deal with the physical demands of skateboarding and to minimise and deflect all levels of impact. We have insoles endorsed by three different pros. First up is Kevin Romar

The Kevin Romar signature ones are the flat insoles. These use a higher density King Foam designed for high levels of impact absorption. They are very durable with an upgraded stretch urethan layer at the base which will take high amounts of abuse without tearing or ripping. King Foam gold protection pads are present in the heel to combat bruising. They are held together with blowout proof stitching. We also have the Footprint King Foam Orthotic Insoles endorsed by Guy Mariano

These absorb up to 95% of impact energy. It takes them getting warmed up at first to then mold themselves to the shape of your foot and arch. These have a gold top layer from heel to toe and a PU arch support pad and also offer full forefoot protection. The other Orthotic insoles we have are the same construction but endorsed by Vincent Alvarez

If you are finding that your shoes aren’t offering you the support you require then these insoles could be the answer. You can buy Footprint here.