First Broadcast

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It’s another amazing morning for digitised UK skateboarding gold, First Broadcast is now available to watch in all of it’s glory. Following Monday’s release of Waiting For The World, our friends over at Free Skate Mag have received the follow up release from Dan Magee’s vaults. This video was the hard work of Dan Magee and Adam Mondon and added a further shine to what was going on in the UK. It was released just one year after WFTW. This time around an even more diverse cast of characters appear. Fellow British companies Unabomber and Organic were recruited as well as the Blueprint team. This is another amazing watch. It features (in order of appearance) Colin Kennedy, Paul Shier, Louis Slater, Jani Makela, Gustav Eden, Mark Jackson, Si Peplow, Andres Holguin, Ben Dominguez, Adrian French, Scott Palmer, John Rattray, Franklin Stephens, Nick Jensen, Mark Baines, Danny Brady, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Olly Todd, Joel Curtis, Joleon Pressey, Toby Shuall, Ben Jobe, Oli Watson, Ali Cairns, Ben Blake, Cairo Foster, Oli Bogen, Rob Selley, Charlie Young, Seth Curtis, Nik Taylor, Ted Moyle, Jacob Sawyer, Eero Antilla, Mark Channer, Mat Fowler, Channon King, Vaughan Baker, Justin Strubing, Matt Boulton. That is quite the line up! This video was every bit as good as it’s predecessor and really shows Dan Magee’s evolution as a film maker and master craftsman. Thanks to Free Skate Mag for posting this and to Dan Magee for his benevolence. His crate digging has really made this a week for nostalgia and celebrates an incredible time period. In this age before we were umbilically attached to the world wide web, phone boxes, punctuality and frequented skate spots were king. Our attention spans were more forgiving and watching a whole skate video was standard practise. Set aside some time and soak this one in like your favourite album.