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mwéS presents: Mark Ward: As Seen On TV
The ‘Mark Ward: As Seen On TV’ exhibition kicks off at the Kemistry Gallery inShoreditch on the 11th August and runs until the 18th. The Private View is onThursday the 11th from 6-9pm. It’s open to all so please join us for a drink andview Mark’s amazing new artwork.

The éS Mark Ward collection consists of 4 t-shirts, a jacket, a cap and the La Breashoes. 
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About Mark Ward and ‘As Seen ON TV’
Growing up in the 1980s England on a steady diet of imported US TV shows, Saturdaymorning cartoons and drawing varsity logos from Channel 4’s NFL coverage, Markdeveloped an early fascination with the vivid, glazed Americana all these thingsinvoked. As a teen his obsession only grew, through watching sun scorched concreteskate videos and reading the brightly coloured pages of Thrasher. Yearning to betotally immersed in this Californication, instead he was surrounded by the suburbsof London, grey skies, puddles and uneven paving slabs. As it dawned on Mark thatthis ideal world didn’t physically exist, the fascination with it, seen from hisforeign perspective, did not leave his conscious.

As Seen On TV draws on all of those influences from Mark’s youth, but turns them ontheir head by superimposing glossy icons onto images of banal, everyday Britishscenes, acknowledging the superficiality of that Californication but celebrating thenostalgia and also clinging to a little bit of hope that it might still be possibleto find it, somewhere out there.
Mark’s work not only uncovers the simple reality of everyday life, but creates avisual language that incorporates every candy wrapper, cartoon character andsun-bleached scene he believed in as a kid and packages them up in bright, shinyimages.
The motif throughout is the idea of mesmerizing TV rays that transform unremarkableday-to-day situations into something desirable and glamorous, but at the same timethe mix of Americana alongside British suburbia grounds the fantastical icons andshows them in a warts-and-all reality.