Eleventh Hour Trailer

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This trailer for the excellent Eleventh Hour video just made its way onto our computer screens…

We are looking forward to this becoming available on October 5th. It’s great to see the art of making independent videos is still alive and well and Slam City Skates are proud to have supported its release alongside Lakai, Fourstar, and Isle Skateboards. Luka Pinto has a part…
Luka Pinto frontside nollie heelflips for Henry Kingsford on 'Eleventh Hour' business

Luka Pinto levitates a frontside nollie heelflip. Photo: Henry Kingsford


Read an interesting Luka Pinto Interview with some insight into the making of the video. Grey Skate Mag coming through with the goods as always. Stay tuned to buy your copy of this incredible new independent video on DVD. Pick up the latest copy of Grey and all other Skateboard Books & Magazines.