Driving South

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Driving South is an independent video made by Mark Baines and released on VHS in 2003…

This video is a beautiful lesser-spotted window into what was happening in the UK over 15 years ago. While reminiscing about Victoria benches recently Nick Jensen mentioned that two of his favourite lines appeared in this release. We hit up Mark to get hold of them for posterity and now you get to enjoy this one in its entirety.

It includes gems from Baines himself, Paul Shier, Colin Kennedy, Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Vaughan Baker, Scott Palmer, Louis Slater, Joel Curtis and a whole host of friends and family. Mark harvested a wealth of footage from the Sheffield to London connection and further afield for this one. It was filmed by himself, Dan Magee, Adam Mondon and Chris Massey.

We clearly remember selling the VHS tapes out of our old Covent Garden shop and watching this one on our temperamental TV set. We hope your experience is less fuzzy and doesn’t involve having to hit the side of your screen with a hammer to kickstart the visuals.