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We have updated this guide and our NEW 2020 Dickies Fit Guide can be found here
Dickies became our best-selling trouser option from the moment we got them in. This was quite a few years back now and since then we have been constantly replenishing sizes and colours. We are happy with the range we offer as there is something there for everyone. We are often asked about fits and sizes which is why we put together this Dickies Fit Guide. Hopefully it helps with any questions you may have, this guide is focused on our favourite three styles…

Dickies 874

These are the original workwear trousers which have become a skateboarding staple. There are a lot of reasons for this. They aren’t expensive, they are tough as nails and they get better the longer you’re running them. Many devotees often stock up on this classic, if they are on your radar you will spot them all over London. They come with a permanent crease which never needs ironing and the wrinkle resistant poly/cotton twill fabric they are made of is one of a kind. We are asked about the sizing on these often and we carry numerous waist and leg combos. Here is some information and advice about the fit of these trousers and what to go for. They have a traditional fit through the seat and thigh making them quite a baggy fit on the thighs. Although the leg is slightly tapered they still have a wide opening where your feet pop out. These are initially a fairly tight fit if you opt for your normal waist size so if you are between sizes definitely order the size up. Because of the clip fastening at the waist they begin by having a stiff fit. Here is some advice about this from Slam team rider and trouser specialist Casper Brooker from when he used to wear nothing but Dickies “When I wore them I ran a 36 which is what I wear in everything. I would go for normal size. If you don’t like the stiffness of them just run them through the wash inside out with mucho fabric softener. They deffo get better with age” Everyone we speak to says the same thing about Dickies, a few washes and a bit of wear will turn them into your favourite pair of trousers. We also stock a slimmed down version…

Dickies 873

These are an updated version of the 874, they boast the same features but are much skinnier on your legs. They are narrower than they look in the image above. Other than slimming them down the main difference is that they have a lower rise which is the distance from crotch to waist. The belt line will sit lower on your waist because of this design. It also makes the waist a tiny bit looser than when you first put them on. Once again our advice is that a couple of trips to the washing machine will soften the fabric and loosen them up to the point where you won’t want to take them off. This slim, straight legged cousin of the 874 is a good option if the original is looser than your normal fit. Both of these styles have been on our shelves for a while now. More recently we have started ordering these…

Dickies New York Cargo Pant

We are big fans of this six pocket cargo pant here at Slam. When it comes to the waist these fit comfortably true to size. They are a fairly baggy regular cut and are made of 100% cotton. We liked this style so much that we included it in our capsule when we worked with Dickies on this collaboration. Although these are straight legged they have concealed ties on the cuff meaning you can cinch them at the bottom which is a handy feature.

We hope that this Dickies Fit Guide has helped you with any sizing queries and answered your questions about the cut of these different styles. We realise everyone is different. This guide was put together using our experience and that of our team to help inform your decision. It is however just some general guidelines and we recommend trying your size out in the flesh if you can. Shop for Dickies HERE