“DEVOTED” Video Documentary

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Set aside some time to watch “Devoted” by Lucas Beaufort. This video documentary centres around the world of skateboard media. This labour of love saw him travel across Europe, America, Japan and Australia to comprehensively catch up with key players. In his own words “I decided to pay a tribute to people who spent their life documenting skateboarding” He His quest was to find out peoples opinions about the future of the printed page and it’s role within skateboarding. This documentary focuses on the 90s to 2000, 2000 to 2016, and the next 10 years. He caught up with Giovanni Reda, Trent Evans, Tony Vitello, Michael Burnett, Eric Swisher, Mark Whiteley, Brad Staba, Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Steve Berra, Patrick O’Dell, Dave Swift, Jaime Owens, Skin Phillips, Kevin Marks, Dave Chami, Ando, Ryan Clements, Josh Stewart, Masafumi Kajitani, Benjamin Deberdt, Elliott Templeton, Al Boglio, Peter Smolik, Paul Schmitt, Chad Muska, Dave Carnie, Josh Friedberg, Keith Hufnagel, Mackenzie Eisenhour, Mike Blabac, Lance Mountain, Marc Johnson, PJ Ladd and more while making this so you have some idea of what to expect from this well executed piece.