Dear Skating

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Dear Skating have been doing a great job of making available sought after clothing items from classic videos.

Dear Skating

We just received two shirts from them which will resonate with anyone familiar with the two seminal video parts they were plucked from. We are looking forward to them keeping up the good work in this regard. They have picked shirts from two videos which came out in 1991.

We have the Einstein T-Shirt made famous by Sean Sheffey’s part in the Life video “A Soldier’s Story”…

The second shirt comes from Blind “Video Days”. It’s the Israel T-Shirt that Mark Gonzales is wearing in the middle of his part. This part has everything and even begins with a London tour just South of the river to some spots, most of which are sadly gone. It’s mental to think that both of these parts are 23 years old! There’s always time for this one…

These shirts are 100% Cotton and are limited edition too. There were only runs of 200 shirts in each design. Shop for Dear Skating here and expect new designs soon.