DC x Slam Mike Blabac Gallery

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Here is a gallery of photos from Friday’s Mike Blabac photography exhibition. When we first began work on a collaboration with DC we had no idea it was going to evolve into the epic series of events we executed this weekend. First stop was an exhibition in our Covent Garden store of a set of iconic images Mike Blabac shot at Love Park. These were taken during the time period where Josh Kalis was localising this Philadelphia landmark. It was amazing seeing these evocative images in all their glory and to see the crew, old and new who flocked in for this one. Enjoy these photos of what went on…

Classic waist high switch front nose of Stevie Williams.

Our DC X Slam City Kalis Slim Lite.

Zak our Lookbook model and Covent Garden shop lej taking them in with the man himself.

Signed DGK Kalis decks.

Swiss Dave and Slam Team Rider Darius catching up.

Edson and old Slam Staff Sam Griffin packed in.

Josh with Josh and Stevie.

Covent Garden Shop Manager Matt Warder with Blabac, Jake Sawyer, Vinny and Kalis.

Swiss Dave telling Kalis he designed the collab.

Instagram Live

Still live. Slam Team Rider Blondey McCoy.

Absolute legend and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and massive thanks to DC for making this happen. More coverage of these events in the coming days so stay tuned…

Photography by Maksim Kalanep