The DC Promo Video

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This new video from DC surfaced a few days ago, the DC Promo Video is full of some mind blowing skateboarding. DC Shoes may not have an overwhelming daily presence in your social media net but when they do something they do it properly, for instance our Josh Kalis event last year. As always this skateboarding institution puts its team and representing them first and this promo video is proof. It is focused on four riders. Tristan Funkhouser opens proceedings with a steam roller of a part followed by a montage with the rest of the team, Evan Smith and Wes Kremer share a part and Tiago Lemos closes with some absolute insanity. Team riders who appear in the montage are Chase Webb, Cyril Jackson, Carlos Iqui, Tommy Fynn, Thaynan Costa, Jaakkoo Janen, Alex Lawton, Ronnie Kessner, Alexis Ramirez, Colin McKay, John Shanahan, Josh Kalis, Ish Cepeda, Darrel Carey, Aramis Hudson, Matt Miller, John Gardner, Madars Apse and Danny Way. There is some mind bending skateboarding crammed into this twenty minute video so enjoy. You can shop for DC HERE