Daan Van Der Linden Nike SB

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We are big fans of Daan Van Der Linden, his skateboarding ability and grace is a second nature gift that’s amazing to witness. We are lucky enough to be out in Portland, Oregon right now at a marketing summit hosted by Nike SB where we first heard the announcement that Daan was joining the Nike SB squad. This didn’t seem strange like some team changes when they’re first announced because Daan’s close friends are already on the team, more like a natural evolution. We were blessed to see Daan and Oski tearing it up together like only they can first hand yesterday. His welcome clip celebrates the crew he has joined who have been friends forever. Now they get to organise amazing trips like this one to Gran Canaria. Enjoy this team announcement also featuring Wieger Van Wageningen, Youness Amrani, Oski Rozenberg, Fernando Bramsmark and Jacopo Carozzi. We look forward to seeing more from Daan in the near future. Check out everything new we have just received from Nike SB HERE