Converse x Polar Skate Meet

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Converse have teamed up with Polar on an exciting new collaborative project. We have seen the three shoes that they have worked on and they look amazing! To celebrate this project Polar’s Converse riders have decided to do something a little different. There will be a launch party for this release which we will tell you about later. Beforehand they want you all to get involved and join them in what will be a memorable skate through the City. Pontus Alv, Jerome Campbell, David Stenstrom and Kevin Rodrigues have worked out a mission for you. Their plan is for everybody to meet at our East store at 3pm next Wednesday the 24th September. From there you will see what they have in store. Jerome Campbell has some cards up his sleeve. There is talk of there being some Polar plates in tow like in the Trocadero Days video, those kickers could really open up some possibilities. We’ll leave you with that in mind, don’t miss next Wednesday whatever you do…

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