Converse Purple Premiere

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The Converse Purple premiere is upon us. There latest Converse video is imminent and you are invited to be among the first to see it!…

This promises to be a good one, it’s a proper full length video featuring the whole team. In this new world of diminishing attention spans you can often find us harping on about how things once were better. This isn’t the reaction of bitter old men. Our nostalgia is prompted by reminiscing about things which we enjoyed which may not play a prominent part for a younger generation. Parts of our culture have always been important to us and these parts of our culture have made it what it is.

Basically there is going to be a premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema on Saturday April 28th and we are stoked. These premieres have always been amazing events which galvanised our scene and reunited us with friends from all over the country. We hope you can all join us there. Tickets to this premiere are free. You can pick up yours now from our Covent Garden Shop. These tickets are strictly one per person and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Organise your friends, visit our Covent Garden shop and get ready for a Saturday night treat. You can shop for Converse HERE