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Three new shoes just arrived from Clarks Originals. They are designs which have stood the test of time. Rich suede finishes best complement these familiar timeless silhouettes. We have a Wallabee in Maple suede which would have Ghostface salivating. This colour is holy grail territory when you are in the market for adding some crepe soles to your daily life. There is also a new Desert London


This shoe is basically a chopped down Desert Boot, the lacing gives it slimmer lines and a life of it’s own. These shoes were iced for a time by Clarks and recently rescued from the archives. They sit perfectly in the range of shoes we have chosen and look great in premium cola coloured suede. We saved the best for last with this next one…


These Desert Boots are the main event as far as this delivery is concerned. This shoe is probably the most famed and synonymous with the brand. Desert Boots have been championed by many over the years and touched a lot of people since Nathan Clark first took note of what soldiers were wearing in Burma during the second World War. We wanted to get this birthday edition of the rudeboys favourite when we heard it was available. Desert Boots went into production in 1950 making it their 65th birthday this year. This release subtly celebrates this event, Maple suede is the original colour option Nathan Clark would have seen and later sought out in the bazaars of Cairo. 65 years is marked by some optional sapphire blue laces, sapphire being the stone associated with the 65 year milestone. They also come with a commemorative fob and a poster filled with archived Clarks imagery. Everyone needs some of these in their wardrobe. Be sure to pay our East store a visit or shop for Clarks Originals HERE