Christmas Gift Guide

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It’s hard to believe that 2016 whipped past so quickly. We have had a good time celebrating our 30th anniversary and now we are beginning to batten the hatches for the Christmas whirlwind. Every year we make a concerted effort to gather a wide array of Christmas gifts for skateboarding friends and relatives. We should have you covered from the smallest stocking fillers like stickers and wax all the way through to our massive range of complete skateboards. We also have a good selection of books and DVD‘s. We even have an option for those of you who experience anxiety when presented with so much choice. We have our own gift vouchers so you choose the price of your gift and we do the rest…


If you are determined to pick out the perfect present the best thing to do is look through our Christmas Gift Guide where you will find a regularly updated selection of gift ideas. Many more products are winging their way to us so expect an even wider range of options in the coming weeks. Have a browse and cross off any skateboard related gift ideas from your list. We have put this shopping guide together now so it’s ready for you when you need it. You can even search through our catalogue by the amount you wish to spend…