Chocolate Hecox series

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Four new boards just came in from the most recent Chocolate Vagabond series all featuring different RV’s. We have a Gino Iannucci board which is 8″, an Elijah Berle 8.5″, a Kenny Anderson 8.125 and a Vincent Alvarez 8.25″. All of these feature the familiar graphics of Colorado based artist Evan Hecox which have become synonymous with the company. On top of these boards we also have the recent Spinner series and the new Thrasher skategoat x Chocolate T-shirt. With a Gino board involved in this Chocolate post it would be a crime not to leave you with a gift in the way of this video part…

It’s crazy to think that people have been humming that tune in their heads every time they do a nollie backside heelflip for fourteen years! So good!