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Slam City Skates team rider Casper Brooker is out there killing it on a regular basis. He recently returned from a UK Emerica tour where he more than held his own with the big dogs…

Casper Brooker Top Three for Slam City SkatesCasper Brooker tailslide. Photo: Sam Ashley


Whispers of “Did you hear what Casper did yesterday” weigh heavy on the grapevine. Him and recent Slam staff acquisition Dan Kreitem have been working on this edit. Here’s a look at what he’s been up to at his favourite spot

We caught up with him today for a quick Top Three session…


London skate spots – Southbank, Southbank, Southbank

London locals – Charlie Young, Chewy Cannon, Greg Finch

Food Spots – Chipotle, Wagamamas, Franx cafe

Booze spots – The Cross Keys, Bardens, Dalston

Videos of all time – This Is Skateboarding, Lost and Found, Mindfield

Video parts of all time – Heath Kirchart-Sight Unseen, Brian Anderson-Welcome to Hell, Andrew Reynolds-Stay Gold

Skateboarders – Heath Kirchart, Chewy Cannon, Brian Anderson

Tricks to go down at Southbank – Ben Jobe-180 nosegrind, Femi Bukunola-switch flip on flat (last year), Jensen flatground frontside nollie flip-opening line of Lost and Found

Films – Fear and Loathing, Anchorman, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Albums – Sabbath Vol 4, Neil Young-Harvest Moon, Portishead-Dummy

Cities to visit – New York, Paris, Croydon

Hidden Purley gems – Purley mini ramp, LA Fitness carpark, curbs outside my house

Pin moments – Every instagram post, every email I get from him, he is as excited about skateboarding as a 12 year old kid it’s the fucking best, Arthur Tubb’s story “Are you on myspace?” “Myspace? I’m in my own bloody space”

Advice for kids – Skate for fun nothing else, don’t take yourself seriously, don’t wear girls jeans

Casper is backing this new Emerica shoe after his spell travelling the Country with The BOSS
Casper Brooker Top Three for Slam City Skates
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