Casper Brooker – City of Rats

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Casper Brooker’s part from Henry Edwards-Wood film City of Rats is now available to watch online.



Emerica, Heroin, and Stella Supply rider Casper Brooker made his video debut in our first-ever film City of Rats.

Running at 57 minutes, City of Rats has 14 sections and features the entire Slam Team alongside the shop staff, London locals and vagrants.

“At a point in time where a large section of skateboarders consider social networking props to constitute skateboard culture, it is extremely refreshing to see members of the younger generation still out pounding the streets like those who came before them. Don’t be one of those bellends who only watches skate videos after they’ve been cut up into bite-sized sections on some Facebook hero’s page: support real skateboard culture with your money, not just your ‘liking’ finger. City of Rats is more than worth the measly tenner they’re asking for it. Goon support should be mandatory.” – BEN POWELL, SIDEWALK MAGAZINE

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Fast forward ten years and our City Of Rats star Casper Brooker is riding for Baker. Read more at Casper Brooker Talks Baker