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Cairo Foster has been casually attacking gnarly spots for a long time. We were stoked to see a full part from him when the enjoi DVD Oververt came out. After giving it a second watch we thought we would reach out to him about doing a 5000 Words and this selection of images from his travels is what he came back with…

This photo was taken in Manila. Just a couple of kids floating through the river that’s filled with an excess of debris reminiscent of a toilet. They appeared to be scavenging for items that may be useful, but I couldn’t get past the filth. There were diapers in there along with bag loads of trash, just strewn against the banks and flowing into the river. Though it was extremely beautiful in some parts of the Philippines, there were parts that reminded me of living in Egypt. At one point I saw a child bathing in a puddle on the side of the road.

Iceland. I probably don’t need to say much more because lately it seems like this country has been a real hot spot. I went there a few years back and found out why so many people fall in love with this moonscape of a country, covered in snow and surrounded by water. It’s well worth the journey.

The great sand dunes in Southern Colorado. They’re stuck in a valley between two mountain ranges, and have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. It’s amazing to see what the natural forces of water and wind will create. Together they tore down rock into fine grains that find their way here. The United States is so expansive that there are so many wonders to be seen.

Dave Chami and Nestor Judkins in Osaka. We went out there on a KRUX trip. It snowed a bunch and then the Fukushima earthquake happened. The day that went down, Dave was photographing Nestor skating a rail. The photo ended up becoming a cover shot, and the majority of northern Japan was in crisis because of the nuclear disaster that occurred as a result of the earthquake. Some of the team left early, some of us stayed till the end.

The Jeepney appeared to be main source of public transportation in the Philippines. It’s good to see people taking pride in their vehicles. It definitely brightened up the roadways while we were there.

Another shot of Iceland. Forgive me for not remembering which waterfall this was, but look closely and you’ll see that the rim is coated in ice. Even during the summer, it’s a harsh landscape, filled with beauty and ruggedness. Like I said, well worth the visit.

Dylan Doubt…dreamer, photographer, and all around great human. Along with a group of Canadians and Americans, we sought out to ride our bikes from Northern New Zealand to Southern New Zealand all the while doing a skate tour. We kept everything on our bikes and just made our way South through what I discovered to be one of the most beautiful countries ever. Put this on your list of places to visit, alongside Iceland

Queen’s Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have so many photos of this place, showing exactly what war looks like. The palace is in shambles, tattered with bullet holes and marked with grafitti from the Taliban. It’s a depressing site indeed, but amidst all this rubble we were greeted by soldiers of the Afghan army who had never seen skateboards before. At one point they tried rolling around on them, while we held their rifle. I have so many photos from this trip, but I wanted to show what skateboarding does for us. Big thanks to the Skateistan people for allowing this to become a part of my memories. On top of that, Afghanistan is yet another beautiful destination. The mountains, the people, the food. All top notch.

We would like to thank Cairo for sharing these photographs and stories from his travels. If you didn’t catch his last part pick up the enjoi DVD Oververt HERE