Caballero / Hosoi Interview

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Last Friday saw the arrival of Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi, not to mention Steve Van Doren to the Vans Basement at Slam City Skates. They came over to celebrate the launch of the all new ‘Vans Cab Lite‘ which could be described as an exciting update on the classic Vans Half Cab shoe. We teamed up with Vans to throw a party to celebrate the launch which drew in crowds of fans of all ages from all over the UK. We managed to grab an exclusive interview conducted by Slam City Skates resident Jacob Sawyer.

The first part of the interview is below, an overview of the event with an in depth explanation about the evolution of the Half Cab. The second part due tomorrow looks at everything from Cabs Vert hiatus to Guinness world records.

A few more pics of the release night are below, a big thanks to Vans and everyone that made it down. Some people even made a 6 hour round trip just to attend and meet Cab & Hosoi.

Vans Cab Lite Syndicate in Ultra Marine Blue / Gum

Vans Cab Lite Syndicate in Black / White