Bronze Clothing

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We just happily unpacked a box of clothing from Bronze. What began as an idea for a hardware company has become a trusted franchise for consistently revisitable visual treats. Bronze fondly references the internet age of scouring it’s depths for new footage and waiting a long time for it to upload. Surely the Slam computer was keenly tuned into at the same time the Bronze founders were. It was a different time. Young minds confronted by the wealth of the internet and the holy grail type quest of it’s contents is what informs the whole shebang. Bronze aesthetics preserve a quickly forgotten time of innocence and their videos are loved by a generation who won’t remember it as well as one who will. These videos buck todays internet trends, they aren’t instantly disposable or forgettable instead they have you reaching for your board and get a re-watch when you get home. Here is Enron from July…

Now you are in the mood you should probably take down Solo Jazz and 56K. This first drop of clothing is pretty comprehensive. We have three colours in the Bronze Logo Windbreaker, there is a hoody in Grey or Black and a crew in Royal Blue or Charcoal. We also have the Praying Hands T-Shirt in two colours, the 56Klein T-Shirt in two colours and the Explorer T-Shirt in two colours. It took us a while to get this stuff in but it is here to stay. Enjoy the videos and shop for Bronze HERE.