Bronze 56K “Serenity Now”

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Watch the Bronze 56K “Serenity Now” video, this is the latest epic offering from Peter Sidlauskas and co…



Bronze edits always deliver the East coast inspiration just like did in a far less immediate digital age. We have empathy for those streets, the struggle feels similar and the “make it happen” ethos rings true. Dan Magee’s Blueprint adage “We thrive on cold winters” springs to mind. We were stoked to see the fruits of Slam team rider Blondey McCoy’s winter skate trip. In an act of solidarity, he joined Palace brother Shawn Powers on his home turf to explore the NYC streets when it was brick out there, running shorts as an extra flick of the v’s to the temperature. Peter Sidlauskas and Austin Bristow captured their days and nights and it’s made us want to go and skate so we’re sure the feeling is mutual.

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