Bronson RAW Bearings

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We just received the new RAW bearings from Bronson Speed Co. These things spin quickly and Bronson’s claim is that these are the fastest, strongest, longest lasting, longest spinning skateboard bearings ever made. These bearings are the first ever to be produced shield free. Their races are coated with a Tungsten lubricant which minimises dirt building up. The absence of shields gives them the raw sound those of you who have popped the shields in the past have grown to love. Each ball bearing is separated by the fibreglass nylon cage they sit in for improved performance. The raceway channels on the outer edge of the centre are deeper than normal, reducing side impact damage. They come packed, ready to go in nitrogen filled packaging which reduces metal and oil oxidation until they are ready to be ridden. These things come highly recommended and join our wide range of bearing options. Shop for Bronson HERE