Bobby Puleo-5000 Words

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Bobby Puleo – Backside Ollie – New York City. Photo – Mike O’Meally

Bobby Puleo is a street skater in the purest sense. He has put in more time exploring the streets of New York City and wherever else he has found himself than any others. Other interests aside from skateboarding and a keen eye have kept him open and absorbent to his surroundings. Bobby sees more than other people, it isn’t that he looks harder necessarily, he has more on his radar. He was an obvious choice when I started putting a list together of people to contribute to this feature. He chose to give us ten photos. Some are his, some are found and the pictures speak for themselves as they should…

Found negative, East New York, Brooklyn

Stolen Car on Fire, East Williamsburg 2002

Canal St. Manhattan, 2012

Dead Dog, 2012

People Having Sex in Car, Mercer St. 2008

Lightning, Williamsburg, 2003

Found photo, Brownsville

Found photo, Harlem

View From My Bedroom Window, Chinatown, 1999

Woman Down, Times Square Subway Station, 1999

We hope you enjoyed that selection from Bobby. Thanks to him for taking the time to sift through his archives. Click on any of the images to be transported to one of his video parts. We have more images to bring you from other contributors in the very near future.