Blueprint Skateboards – ‘Waiting For the World’

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The Blueprint release Waiting For The World really stands alone as the most important skateboard video to be released in the UK. It was the first one that made an impact on a bigger scale and showcased an incredible team, UK spots and Dan Magee‘s creative vision. Blueprint had a 411 industry section in the works in 1999 but complications meant this never happened. One year later WFTW came out and really changed the course of skateboarding in the UK and it’s presence overseas. It’s hard to believe this is 17 years old! The standard of the whole production makes the whole thing timeless. It has often been said that if someone dropped a bomb on the Sheffield premiere for this video the UK skateboard scene would cease to exist, everyone made it out there. This one really galvanised flourishing pockets of talent countrywide.

The video features the Blueprint team at the time made up of Scott Palmer, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Paul Carter, Carl Shipman, Channon King, Colin Kennedy, Andres Holguin and John Rattray. There is also an Octagon Wheels section, this short lived company was made up of a host of names. This is basically the friends section and It features Adrian French, Ben Dominguez, Louis Slater, Jamie Bolland, Jacob Sawyer, David Holguin, Adam Lane, Seth Curtis, Joel Curtis, Matt Boulton, Mark Jackson, Toby Shuall, Alan Rushbrooke, Vaughan Baker, Gustav Eden, Greg Finch, Jake Hipwell, Ewan Bowman, Mark Skinner, Dan Callow, Mat Fowler, Billy Rohan and Nik Taylor. Slam team rider Olly Todd also appears in the black and white skate park section. If you have never seen this you are in for a treat! If you have, it’s ability to motivate you to get out there yourself is no less potent so soak it in and reminisce. Massive thanks to Dan Magee for gifting us this crystal clear digitised version of a classic to share with you. This is definitely the week for nostalgia because on Friday Free Skate Mag will be hosting the WFTW follow up First Broadcast in all it’s glory so keep them peeled…