Big Brother Book

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We just received a household coffee table essential, the title of which is apt today of all days. Big Brother magazine was a phenomenon, hilarious from the first issue to the last. It was controversial, candid and compelling like nothing since and really set the bar for what a magazine should give you. Compiling this book was a labour of love undertaken by Sean Cliver and Dave Carnie and they did an amazing job…


That Andy Roy interview! So much folklore and humour in these hallowed pages. Shit preserves much of the most memorable content. Obviously there are thousands of skate photos which could fill another huge book. This publication opted for two page spreads for each of the magazine’s 106 issues. Every spread contains the cover, the much loved quotes section and a collage of highlights. It is interspersed with behind the scenes accounts from Cliver and Carnie. You need this book in your life! DC performed a public service releasing this. We still have some of the clothing from this meeting of minds. Buy your copy of Shit and shop for the rest of the collection from Big Brother HERE