BaySixty6 London Am

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The BaySixty6 London Am contest is imminent and you are guaranteed to see some great skateboarding organised by Nike SB…

Nike SB BaySixty6 London Am contest

This Friday Nike SB will be presenting the first ever London Am contest at BaySixty6. This will see a guaranteed high level of skateboarding from amateur skateboarders from across Europe. Everybody will be competing for a piece of the €10,400 prize purse. 10 spots are available through pre-qualifications which are taking place on the Friday morning. The Pre qualifier will consist of 60 second individual runs, the top 10 gain entry to the qualification rounds. These rounds will be a 3 minute jam format with 4 skateboarders per heat. The top 12 picked from this make the cut for the final. Finals will take place on Saturday 14th. Entry to the park for spectators will be free on both days. The overall winner of the competition will be invited to the first Nike SB Berlin Pro contest which is scheduled for July 11-13. This will be a great event to go and watch so if you have Saturday free you know where to go. Shop with us for Nike SB.