Bat-Food Mini Interview

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Our friends James Edson and Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch have put their heads together and cooked up an exhibition for us this Friday. This joint exhibition is a collection of their photographs. We are looking forward to seeing what they have selected for us. We have worked with the two of them very recently and it’s great to see their collective output gathering momentum. We pieced together this little interview with them to offer a little background and find out more about the show tomorrow…

For those out there unfamiliar with your story can you explain how and when the two of you met?

We met about 15 years ago when we ended up living together in London. We hadn’t met before. We both needed somewhere to live and had similar interests so it worked out perfectly.

What other projects have the two of you worked on together? Will this be the third exhibition?

We worked on Persian Rugs 3, Hogmoney and we just shot a Nike SB Lookbook which was great fun.

Did the idea for the exhibition come first dictating the images you picked, or did you compare photos and know they needed a space to co-exist?

We both had been talking about doing an exhibition together and then got the opportunity to use this really great space so it seemed like good timing.

Are the images a mix of those shot digitally and on film?

Mine are half and half (Edson) just because one piece is a time lapse and the rest are film. Mine (Snowy) are all on film and hand printed in the Wayward Gallery dark room.

The two of you have always shot photos. Taking a camera out is a conscious decision for me. Has it become an instinctive part of your every day?

I think we both carry them around most of the time, but try not fall into the trap of taking pictures of just our mates pissed. It’s good to have in case you stumble across a gem.

This photographic instalment is tomorrow night from 7-10 PM. Bat-Food will take place at 351A Cambridge Heath Road. They have an after party too so this could take care of the start of your weekend. See you there.