adidas presents 20|50

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Tyshawn Jones is one of the best out there, doing his thing, always surprising us in any new footage and busy on the streets of New York City making skateboarding look good. Team him up with the godfather of street skating on a day out and you have a winning combination. This new 20/50 clip from adidas Skateboarding is named after the age difference between Tyshawn and the Gonz. 30 years separate them and yet they are both out there killing it together and inspiring us in the process. Any new Gonz footage is a shot in the arm and it’s always going to be. adidas know what they’re doing, they have one of the most diverse teams out there and this celebrates that fact. Throw in appearances from Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins and Frankie Spears and you have more good vibrations from the three stripes. Add a cameo from our old mate Paul Shier and you have some Monday morning motivation to make you squeeze some skates in this week. Shop for adidas HERE