Adidas Mid-City Merge

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Mid-City Merge cements the fact that the adidas skateboarding team is one of the very best. Some heavy duty shredding occurred when they spent some time exploring Los Angeles. We were stoked to see Slam team rider Blondey McCoy in there alongside Jack Fardell, Alec Majerus, Lucas Puig, Dennis Busenitz, Magnus Bordewick, Miles Silvas, Gustav Tonnesen, Frankie Spears, Silas Baxter-Neal, Günes Özdogan, Rodrigo Teixeira, Kevin Lowry, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax, Tyshawn Jones, Nestor Judkins, Nora Vasconcellos, Na-kel Smith and Kaio Hillebrand with guest appearances from Diego Najera and Trent McClung. That list of names is pretty gnarly, this is definitely one of the best video offerings we have seen in a while. This edit coincides with some new adidas shoe arrivals…

Matchcourt Core Black/Scarlet

Matchcourt Slip-On ADV

Matchcourt High RX2

This last drop was specifically full of different Matchcourt shoes leaving something for everyone. We hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did. You can see all of the shoes above and many more from adidas HERE