adidas KEEP LDN CLEAN Video

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Our Keep LDN Clean event with adidas Skateboarding was off the chain! Tyshawn Jones was in the house following the launch of his adidas pro shoe the TYSHAWN. The idea of Keep LDN Clean was born from Tyshawn’s love of putting down the impossible over NYC trash cans at Tompkins so we brought those ingredients to a similar space on Kingsland Road.

The London skate scene was out in full force and everyone got involved. Faruso & Jin soundtracked the day, drinks and pizzas were consumed and a good time was had by all. It was simple and amazing and we were proud to be involved. We were also super proud of Slam team riders Blondey McCoy, Darius Trabalza and Kyle Wilson who were absolutely killing it. Kyle’s switch ollie was mind-boggling!

They appear in the edit above by Adam Todhunter alongside Charlie Munro, Mike Arnold, Korahn Gayle and of course Tyshawn Jones who flew to London and graced us with his magic. Massive thanks to adidas for making this magical day happen and ensuring everything ran like clockwork.

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