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adidas have been putting out some heavy content for a while now, always keeping it interesting. This new Diego Nájera part demands your attention. It opens with appearances from Daewon Song, Nora Vasconcellos, Dennis Busenitz, Nestor Judkins, Felipe Gustavo, Jack Fardell, Gunes Ozdogan, Donta Hill and Lil’ Dre. Colin Kennedy’s intro with these familiar faces is some backwards sorcery paired perfectly with Brenton Wood’s dulcet tones. This lead up to Diego’s first full length adidas appearance is a clip in it’s own right. Then you get to the main event… Diego’s classic trick choice and style flow like water, this part is easy on the eyes and earns the Black Moon soundtrack. The Boot Camp Clik re-visit makes this part mesmerising. Sometimes skateboarding and music compliment each other so well you are transported, this is one of those times. So many parts pop up on a daily now that we are inclined to cherry pick the best these days. The biggest accolade is a replay and this has had a few. Enjoy this new part from the Primitive pro and shop for adidas HERE