5Boro VHS Series

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Jimmy McDonald-8″ Willy Akers-8.5″ Danny Falla-7.8″ Akira Ishizawa-8.25″ Rafael Gomes-8″

We just received this series of boards from 5Boro. It could be the best set of graphics we have had on the wall for a long time. They are lifted from the VHS tape cassette packaging which littered our childhood and has subliminally burrowed it’s sleek lines into our subconscious. Seeing these make their way out of the box was like being reunited with old friends. I’m pretty sure my copy of E.T was on the inspiration for Rafael Gomes’ pro board. Here is the 5Boro trip to Paris from earlier in the year featuring Silvester Eduardo, Jordan Trahan, Rob Gonyon, Joe Tookmanian, Ben Chadourne and Bram De Cleen…

We also have two T-Shirts, the Reaper II and the VHS Stack. These boards are available online and from our stores. Shop for 5Boro HERE