2014 Video Gallery

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Above is a screen grab of Slam team rider Nick Jensen setting up his board outside our Covent Garden store. It is taken from his Ride Skate London video. This wasn’t the only time in 2014 Slam had any internet presence. We decided to scroll back through what has happened this year. Quite a lot is the answer. As an early Christmas gift we have compiled every video clip which had a direct relevance to our stores and our team. Summer was a busy time as always with tours passing through but our calendar was peppered with events. This gallery shows what a busy year it has been…

If our future selves emerged from the gullwing doors of a Delorean and told our 19 year old selves that there would be a skate park in Selfridges we would never believe them. It happened and we got some good skates in at the very start of the year when an indoor space was a welcome break.

From indoor space to indoor space. Nike SB built their Shelter park in Berlin. We were one of the first shops approached to give the place a spin. Slam staff Chris Pulman and Tom Tanner alongside team riders Casper Brooker and Jacob harris did us proud.

There’s a theme here. St Alban’s is a long standing part of UK skateboarding heritage. Lakai organised an edit which was filmed by Mark Jackson featuring Slam team riders Nick Jensen and Danny Brady.

Licence was an early edit from Mark Jackson sparking ongoing company rumours. It features Slam team riders Paddy Jones, Jin Shimizu, Jamie Arghh and also Tom Tanner and Vaughan Jones.

Another insane temporary space opened up in conjunction with Nike SB. World cup fever created this football themed park which we enjoyed while it was there. Another Mark Jackson production, this edit features Slam team riders Danny Brady, Lucien Clarke, Charlie Young, Paddy Jones, Casper Brooker, Darius Trabalza, Jamie Arghhh and Andrew Khosravani alongside Matt Hay, Tom Tanner, Manny Lopez, Blondey McCoy, Lex Kembery and Arthur Derrien.

Henry Edwards Wood had a busy year spear heading the successful Long Live Southbank campaign. You need the book which chronicles this and more in your life so buy that HERE and keep reading. This Innocence and Experience edit features Slam team riders Casper Brooker, Lucien Clarke, Darius Trabalza and Nick Jensen. Our newest team addition Domas Glatkauskas wraps things up.

Another temporary space was gifted to us by Converse. This edit features Slam staff Andrew Khosravani and Tom Tanner and team riders Neil Smith, Darius Trabalza, Danny Brady and Domas Glatkauskas.

Casper Brooker put out this edit for Nike SB. It is another Mark Jackson production. The two of them enjoyed a productive year.

Yardsale put out Fantasy island. This is the jealousy inducing result of an 8 week LA relocation. This features Slam team rider Darius Trabalza alongside Jason Landau, David Bowens, Jhian Namei and Curtis Pearl.

Yardsale’s Dan Kreitem kept it productive with this Baewatch edit. This features Slam team rider Paddy Jones and Curtis Pearl showing their individual understanding of Mile End.

We were stoked we were on hand help out Supra during their UK residency. We were the pick up point for the bus which took everyone to the demo at Frontside Gardens.

Slam team rider Nick Jensen on his day in the city for Ride. It also features Slam team riders Rob Mathieson and Olly Todd.

We were glad to be a stop off on Nike SB En Route tour. It features Slam team riders Neil Smith and Casper Brooker.

It was a pleasure helping to organise the battle For Aberrica event when the Berrics came through town. This Basecamp feature is a brief Slam history lesson.

We helped make The Battle of Aberrica event at BaySixty6 happen. It was amazing to see something of this magnitude run so smoothly.

Slam team rider Rob Mathieson has always been an amazing artist, people have started to recognise this. He recently did a run of boards for enjoi and this video gives us a little window into his world.

The South part of the Nike SB NESW project is the hard work of Mark Jackson and Henry Kingsford and features Slam riders Casper Brooker and Neil Smith. This is the most recent clip. What a roundup! We hope you enjoyed surfing through this visual treat and are looking forward to all of the new projects we have bubbling for 2015.