15 Years of NYC Skateboarding

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R.B Umali has been making skateboarding in New York look like the most incredible thing ever for many moons. His work on the streets gifted us the Zoo York video Mixtape which is one of the most important videos ever released and a firm Slam favourite. This footage was filmed from 1995-2010 in Hi8, MiniDV & HD. He has condensed 15 years of New York footage into this 15 minute edit. Expect to see Javier Nunez, Rodney Torres, Lennie Kirk, Maurice Key, Clyde Singleton, Jeff Simmons, Chris Keeffe, Peter Bici, Lamont Macintosh, Mike Cardona, Harold Hunter, Quim Cardona, Keenan Milton, Keith Hufnagel, Bobby Puleo, Danny Supa, Loki, Anthony Correa, Jeff Pang, Ryan Hickey, Gino Ianucci, Joey Alvarez, Teddy Powell, Vinny Ponte, Josh Kalis, Spencer Fujimoto, Tino Razo, Stefan Janoski, Zered Bassett and more. This is a trip down memory lane full of many epic clips from NYC, soundtracked by The International Ocular Orchestra. Salute R.B and enjoy this East Coast gem.